Leyland Cypress Overview

Commonly known as Leylandii, Leyland cypress is a fast growing coniferous evergreen tree that is widely used in horticulture primarily for hedges and screens. On a good soil Leyland cypress can grow 3- 4 feet per year and on poor soil, it reach a height of 50 feet. When left unpruned, this tree usually form a dense oval outline. Within a very short period of time, this tree can easily outgrow is space especially if planted on small landscapes and in most cases, this tree is usually too big for most residential landscapes unless they are pruned on a regular basis.


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  • Planting site.
    Before planting Leyland cypress, the first very crucial thing that you need to do is to identify the ideal location that will enable the tree to grow smoothly and fast. When choosing the planting site, there are several things that you need to consider. First you need to consider the soil. Leyland cypress perform well when planted on a well-drained soil. The planting site also needs to be well exposed to sunlight. In addition to that, the planting site should be away from buildings and electricity lines.
  • Planting hole.
    The planting hole of Leyland cypress should actually be twice the width of the root ball. The space between two successive rows should be 10-12 feet apart.
  • Transfer from nursery.
    After planting is hole is will dug and well-spaced, the next step is to remove the cypress from the nursery container and relocate it in the planting hole. Gently set the root ball into the planning and ensure that the top of the root ball is about 1 inch above the ground surface. Fill the planning hole with soid then water the tree.

· As Christmas tree
Leyland cypress is an excellent choice for a living Christmas tree. It’s conical shaped combined with evergreen branches and tallness makes it the perfects tree for Christmas.
· Privacy screen
The Leyland cypress is widely used as quick growing hedge. Plant them 4-10 feet apart depending on the results that you wish to achieve.
· Building materials
This tree can also be used as a building material. This tree is not only durable but it is also lightweight, a features that has made it to be used widely in making boats, wood joints and roofing shingles.
· Furniture
Leyland cypress are widely used to build furniture because they are lightweight and durable. Leyland cypress wood is usually used in similar way to bed frames and cedar for chest.

Just like any other tress, Leyland cypress is also susceptible to certain diseases. There are four main types of diseases that may affect this tree. They include
· Seridium canker
It affects branches of the tree and may cause the entire tree causing it to die. The good news is that this disease can prevented or eliminated by applying a mixture daconil and zerotol.
· Cercosporidium blight
Cercosporidium blight is a very aggressive fungi that attacks the trees that have been stressed as a result of shearing, lack of fertilizer, hot sun or drought.
· Phytopthora
This disease usually affect Leyland cypress either if the tree has been over watered or if it has poor drainage.
· Botryosphaeria canker.
This disease is similar to Seridium canker and it affects the tree branches causing the entire branch to die.

Leyland cypress is a fast grower and if not pruned early, it can easy get out of hand as hedge. It therefore need to be pruned on a regular basis to help it maintain its shaped and also to prevent it from growing out control. When the tree is one year old, start trimming the side. Continue trimming the sides the following year to encourage denser growth. Regular trimming and topping is very important because it helps to prevent the tree from becoming extremely large.

When searching for Leyland cypress fertilizer, there are various factors that you need to consider. First you need to ensure that you buy a slow release fertilizer. Secondly, you need to consider the formula used to make the fertilizer. When choosing a fertilizer for this tree, experts recommend that that you should a fertilizer that has high nitrogen concentration. To get the best result from fertilizers, ensure that you follow all instructions.